Wednesday, 20 February 2013

To drive or not to drive?

We live in a strange world.
Today, I've found out that being a guy without driving license, not giving a shit about driving and cars in general is the fastest way to get your sexuality questioned. What the fuck? Did i said that i like to have a dick in my asshole? Did i said that i like to have a dick in my mouth? 
Good, becouse i am pretty sure that i said i dont find anything remotely cool or manly about sitting in a box with wheels. I mean, it is like taking a shit. You are sitting in a small, closed area and when stuff goes tough, you will most likely swear loudly. There is one difference though. You cant take a shit in a car,  which quickly takes away all the advantages of sitting on a toilet.
In public transport, you can at least check out some hot chicks and even pick them up. Not that i am good at it, or doing it at all, but hey, at least there is the possibility! Truth is, that there is also possibility to get mugged, assraped and violently killed with tens of other people. 
So i agree, public transport isnt the best alternative also. You can be well mannered, well clothed, wealthy person, but trust me, those people will tear you down on their level and even below it. In fact, after few stations, you will be stinky person, cloathed in newspapers, drinking window cleaner, wondering how the fuck this happend.

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